About Us

As Atilla Yıldırım, we have been producing the most beautiful projects in the most special locations of Foça for years.

Because we are passionate about Foça. This is a passion that started years ago. We are in love with Foça's big heart. In the heart of Foça lie dozens of civilizations, a vast sea and green woods. Foça, the port of all sailors sailing into the Mediterranean... With its deep blue, rich greener, and warm sun Foça deserves all the contributions. It is our greatest desire to make room for those nice people who wish to take their place in the huge heart of Foça. We welcome everyone who likes the spirit of Foça. Since we achieved to be the first brand that comes to everyone's mind who wishes to live in Foça, we have continued for years on our path proudly and successfully.

With the hope that our paths cross one day...



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